•No NFA items
  •Supressors, Fully Automatic Firearms, rifles and shotguns that have an overall length under 26 inches, rifles with a barrel under 16 inches, shotguns with a barrel under 18 inches. If you do not know what an NFA item is, please review.

•Check your local laws to verify ages to sell & buy. We will not be held responsible if you sell/buy from someone and didn't check the laws on it. We are not law professionals.

•Although not required, if you are meeting up with a seller it would be best practice to do a bill of sale and get proof of the sale. CYA. You can google for a Bill of Sale or you can get it at the bottom of our website.

•Ask the buyer if they are legally able to purchase said firearm. (As in, they still have their firearm rights)

•Meet in a public place or a gun store for your safety. Or meet where you'd like.

•Payment: It is recommended to pay in cash. If using an electronic form of payment; Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal please review their Terms of Services. Some of these companies may be anti-gun and could suspend your transaction or hold your funds. Also make sure that the buyer cannot do a charge back.

No selling of 3D Printed firearms. You may need an FFL Manufacturer License however 3D Printed guns is a grey area. What you do with the 3D printed firearms is your business, but do not post them here.


* does not prohibit the use of legal firearms sales/purchases. If a user sells/purchases a firearm in any illegal method, we do not condone this use on our website and we do not accept liability for the actions of these users.  This is a public site, we do not log IP addresses or provide this data to authorities unless a subpoena has been provided.*